Crowdsource and Run Display Ads with Dispop

The release and launch of some rather unique media platforms recently is causing some tension in digital design and Web advertising circles (at least it should) but it's a welcome trend by SMB's that are stretched as thin as can be. 

Google Web Designer, for example, offers up a rather easy way for businesses to design ads and import them into Adwords or Doubleclick, but there's a whole host of other solutions emerging that SMB's can use today that don't require using Google for one more essential aspect of your digital enterprise. 

Case in point, Dispop released its self-serve ad creation and delivery platform for display banner campaigns this week, a solution which may prove ideal for those seeking a more centralized and streamlined process to manage their display campaigns. Dispop, which launched just a few short months ago, enables advertisers to solicit submissions from multiple designers, and then A/B test that creative to understand which was most effective. What Dispop announced this week however is the ability to actually run the creative in ad campaigns. 

The media platform gives SMB advertisers a "360-degree view" into campaign creation, deployment and performance. After having their ads designed, advertisers can set a budget, select targeting criteria, choose the types of sites their ads will appear on, as well as provide custom creative. Dispop integrates with all the major programmatic ad exchanges currently including AppNexus, OpenX, Rubicon, Pubmatic, BrightRoll, Google as well as Facebook Exchange (FBX).

"After launching our ad design marketplace in July, we quickly realized that the ad-buying process is intimidating, disjointed, and confusing for advertisers just getting started," said Ayal Ebert, CEO and founder of Dispop. "We decided to build-out and extend our platform to help streamline the entire ad process from ad creation and targeting to delivery and analytics. Since the SMB market is poised for tremendous growth in digital ad spend, we are anticipating this pivot and are offering the first DSP for SMBs to meet this need."