Dynamic Video Retargeting: Facebook, AdWords or Both?

You've probably heard by now that dynamic video retargeting is one of the most successful forms of advertising. The audio-visual component of video content trumps the effectiveness of traditional banners and text ads. 


It focuses on personalizing content for clients that have already expressed an interest in a specific good or service, and it has also gained popularity because of its engaging nature that is irresistible to consumers.


The return on ad spend (ROAS), click through rates (CTR), and conversion levels are also significantly higher with dynamic video remarketing.


Choosing Between Facebook and AdWords

Companies may ponder which direction to take and where to invest advertising dollars. The good news is that you don't have to choose between Facebook and AdWords. The best approach is to incorporate both, but in stages.


Harness the Power of Facebook First

Facebook is a great place to start. With user-friendly tools and highly targeted capabilities, Facebook has created a successful dynamic ad platform that automates the process and simplifies the experience for its customers. The result is an engaging ad that reaches thousands of Facebook users. The tendency to share unique Facebook content facilitates sharing of dynamic video retargeted ads.


Dynamic video retargeting results are amazing in Facebook. In our recent study, we analyzed client campaigns using Facebook, AdWords and a combination of both. When used independently, ROAS was double in Facebook compared with AdWords.


The Catholic Company is one great example that illustrates the power of dynamic video remarketing on Facebook. The success of the ad campaign is easily seen in the commentary and shareability of these video ads, and in the high levels of feedback and positive responses.




Pros of Video Remarketing on Facebook

+ All video ads can be previewed before they are posted - this makes it easy to evaluate the quality and appeal of the video ad.


+ Titles and descriptions can be added - video retargeting ads on Facebook can easily be edited to include specific titles, dynamic titles, and in-depth descriptions


+ Cross-platform functionality - since Facebook is integrated with multiple social media engines, ads can be published on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook. AdWords would give you the option for either video banners or YouTube pre-rolls.


+ Budget management - Facebook marketing has been set up to easily manage budgets and set limits for every advertisement set and advertisement group. This is perhaps one of the most important strengths of Facebook. It gives a simple way to manage your budget and avoid undesirable distractions.


+ Custom audiences - This gives the ability to target audiences in an effective way.


So why the need to invest in AdWords?

The Google Display Network is simply the world's largest online ad network, reaching 90 percent of all Internet users and over 2 million websites. This includes the mobile display network, which is featured in over 300,000 apps and on mobile websites. It also gives access to the king of networks: YouTube.


By adding an AdWords campaign to a solid Facebook campaign, you increase your reach by providing brand exposure to an audience that Facebook may not reach.


ROAS is lower with AdWords than with Facebook, but the volume of conversions from AdWords is so much higher. This makes it a logical step to expand your business with AdWords during the process of dynamic video remarketing.


Pros of video remarketing on AdWords:

+ Exposure to the world's largest network


+ Increased brand awareness, especially when retargeting in YouTube with pre-rolls. Pre-rolls are longer than video banners and tell a fuller story about your brand. In addition, dynamically retargeted pre-rolls enjoy a 47 percent higher completion rate than regular pre-rolls, resulting in a stronger connection to your brand.


+ Customize Reach- AdWords allows you to include/exclude your countries of choice for your ad campaigns.


+ Device Control -You can choose in which devices to invest more - Tablet / Mobile phone / Desktop


+ Geographical targeting


+ Similar Audiences: With Similar Audiences, retargeting is taken one step further by not only retargeting previous website visitors, but also retargeting other users that have shown interest in similar products on your site, based on their behavior and user profile.


Cons of video remarketing on AdWords:

+ Time Consuming- In order to upload a pre-roll ad campaign (video) you need to first open a YouTube channel and upload all the videos there. The process takes more time and is dependent on YouTube.  


+ No Preview-There is no option to preview the ad before posting. This would be possible only when you upload the ad manually.


The overall results confirm that the best solution is a combination of Facebook and AdWords, but in stages. Facebook should be the first step, as a way to prove the concept of dynamic video retargeting for your business. Once you begin to see results from Facebook, it's recommended that you expand your dynamic video retargeting strategy to AdWords, in order to reach a larger network.


About the Author

Sarah Nochimowski leads the marketing department at Treepodia. She has extensive expertise in sales operations, finance & planning and strategic marketing. Connect on Facebook to discover guaranteed sales through video retargeting.