Eloqua Adds Data-Driven Targeting to Lead Collection Tools

In an effort to add robust, data-driven targeting and testing capabilities to its lead data collection tools, marketing automation software company Eloqua has teamed up with the dynamic targeting and testing platform Get Smart Content.

Get Smart Content's extensive and powerful targeting and testing features can now be utilized by Eloqua customers to serve dynamic content to anonymous site visitors based on their keyword searches, locations, content interests, site visitation frequency and even their previous interactions with the brand's website, email and social media profiles.

It also allows the customers to conduct A/B tests on their website and landing page content, meaning they can discover the most effective marketing messages for their different audience segments before turning the content live, thus improving their chance of conversions.

Moreover, Eloqua users are able to serve their content to known leads based on the data gathered by their use of Eloqua's lead collection tools.

Customers can personalize the individual experience of each of their visitors thanks to the Get Smart Content-Eloqua integration. These experiences can be segmented by Eloqua Segment, Eloqua Lead Score or Eloqua Nurture Mode.

"Get Smart Content extends Eloqua's capabilities in a way that makes cross-channel marketing even more targeted and therefore relevant to leads," says Get Smart Content's director of platform partnerships, Megan Neely.