Unlocking & Enhancing the User Experience with Affiliate Links

Content monetization platform VigLink announced a partnership with MSN in early February 2017. 

The partnership will result in VigLink helping MSN monetize content found on its main property as well as those properties focused on international markets, select verticals, and certain homepage elements.

MSN reportedly chose Viglink because it provided an opportunity to tap into the commercial intent of users consuming their content, but it is hard to imagine that VigLink's broad network of some 65,000 merchants didn't influence the choice. 

"MSN's partnership with VigLink speaks to the growing trend among savvy publishers who are looking to diversify from display and focus on commerce revenue" said Oliver Roup, CEO of VigLink. "We are proud to provide tools that help commerce editors unlock the purchase intent embedded in their content."

As a publishers (be it an individual blog or a network of information sites) are you looking for alternative ways to drive revenue? Are you moving away from display advertising or subscription commerce and toward solutions like those provided by Viglink and others?