Fetchback Adopts Retargeted Ad Icon

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 28 Apr, 2011

One of the leaders in the retargeting space, FetchBack, has announced its adoption of the Advertising Option Icon provided by the Direct Advertising Alliance. All FetchBack retargeted ads will now include the icon, visible in the upper right corner of each ad.

The symbol is trademarked by the Direct Advertising Alliance (DAA) with the intent of making it a universal symbol for consumers. By clicking on the icon, consumers can find out which participating companies are tracking them through online targeting. It includes an "opt out" selection for consumers that do not wish to be tracked online.

FetchBack, a part of the GSI Commerce Global Marketing Services division, is one of the first retargeting companies to adopt the symbol and joins the list alongside Yahoo and Google.

"It is an important part of FetchBack's culture to be transparent with our approach to retargeting," said Chad Little, CEO and founder of FetchBack. "The Advertising Option Icon is a perfect opportunity to show that retargeters have an ethical responsibility to consumers. The inclusion of the icon builds brand trust and credibility by sharing information with the consumer that they otherwise would not have had access to. We stand behind this as a universal symbol for transparency in marketing."

The Direct Advertising Alliance created the icon as part of the organizations Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising. The icon provides detailed information to the consumer to help them better understand how and why they are being tracked, as well as provide the "opt-out" option for those who do not wish to be followed.

Numerous professional and industry organizations are working hard to make the Advertising Option Icon a cross-industry standard piece of every online ad.