IAB Helps Publishers DEAL with Ad Blockers

The IAB is helping publishers fight against ad blockers with the release of its Publisher Ad Blocking Primer, which outlines the tactics publishers are successfully leveraging to persuade people to stop using ad blockers.


The IAB Tech Lab's ad blocking detection script, which is available to all IAB and IAB Tech Lab members around the globe, provides recommendations on how publishers can see and engage with visitors who have ad blockers turned on. The primer uses "DEAL" as its recommended approach, which encourages publishers to:


* Detect ad blocking in order to initiate a conversation

* Explain the value exchange advertising enables

* Ask for changed behavior to maintain a reasonable exchange

* Lift restrictions or Limit access in response to consumer choices


"The release of this primer in conjunction with the open-source ad blocking detection script will open the door for transparency and meaningful dialogue with visitors using ad blockers," said Scott Cunningham, general manager, IAB Tech Lab, and senior vice president, Technology and Ad Operations, IAB. "We believe that a combination of tools and the DEAL approach to communication with consumers will allow publishers big and small the chance to cut through the blockade, ensuring the strength of the open, ad-supported internet."


It is important to note that several of the tactics highlighted in the primer fit into the DEAL sequence and all adhere to the "LEAN" (Light, Encrypted, Ad choice supported, Non-invasive ads) principles that were released in October 2015 to help publishers create a smooth user experience on ad-supported sites. What's more, the primer points out that the DEAL method will be more effective if a publisher's site is user-friendly.


"The IAB and the IAB Tech Lab have provided publishers helpful insights into how to build trust with readers and move them towards disabling their ad blockers," said Jed Hartman, chief revenue officer, The Washington Post, and member of the IAB Board of Directors. "Their focus on engaging readers in this process is vital to the growth of digital marketing and media."