Infolinks Launches Tag Cloud

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 28 Jul, 2011

In-text advertising provider Infolinks is introducing a new program called Tag Cloud.

Tag Cloud is a departure from traditional in-text advertising services and so could be financially appealing for affiliates. Infolinks publishers during testing saw a 20-percent increase in earnings after applying Tag Cloud to their websites. Not only was the increase instant according to testers, but also sustainable over the two month trial.

"Infolinks follows the notion that advertising works best by reaching out to webizens when they are most engaged, but without distracting them from the golden content of the page they are reading," says Tomer Treves, the CMO of Infolinks.

Tag Cloud uses keywords, which are chosen by an Infolinks algorithm and ensures the highest paying ads appear. Publishers are paid per click, and when a tagged word is clicked the reader is taken to the landing page of that advertiser.

Tag Cloud is also customizable with four different color schemes: crystal, daylight, evening and seashore.  The availability of color schemes allows for a more aesthetically appealing and cohesive site.

Sample of the InfoLinks Tag Cloud below: