Instagram Ads Open Up to Everyone

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 09 Sep, 2015

Instagram has finally opened up its ads platform.


Not only are ads now available to both large and small advertisers, but they are also available in 30 new countries, including Italy, Spain, Mexico, India and South Korea. What's more, the social network will be launching in more markets around the world on September 30.


Instagram goes on to note that it is simple for advertisers on its social network to target their message effectively thanks to its technology that leverages the best of Facebook's ads infrastructure. Moreover, advertisers have access to new ad formats that help them achieve a variety of objectives, including website clicks and mobile app installs.


"For example, Gilt Groupe turned to Instagram to win new customers, and ran a campaign that drove an 85 percent lift in app installs. At the same time, designer furniture retailer's ads yielded a 10 percent order value increase versus its benchmark," Instagram said in its announcement. "Game developer Kabam's campaign helped it effectively acquire new players that stayed in their game longer and purchased more. And The North Face used iconic imagery to heighten awareness of its 'believe in the impossible' speaker series, with results showing high engagement to learn more."


In addition to opening its ads platform up, Instagram also unveiled new capabilities, including landscape photo and video ads, which give ads a more cinematic feel. Video ads can also run up to 30 seconds in length now, and advertisers can leverage new delivery and optimization tools to manage campaigns across both Facebook and Instagram. Plus, the social network unveiled a new premium product dubbed "Marquee" to help drive awareness and expand reach in a short time-frame. This ad product, according to Instagram, is ideal for events like movie premieres or new product launches.