Interactive Video Ads Arrive at InMobi

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 14 Feb, 2014

Mobile advertising network InMobi is putting video in the spotlight, as the company has unveiled advanced video ad formats that are designed to create an interactive and engaging ad experience for consumers.

The video ad formats aim to increase consumer engagement by up to fivefold compared to other formats. This is because the ads combine mobile's ability to play video along with aspects like interactivity, proximity to the user and relevance.

"It is great to see this type of innovation in mobile, furthering the rich consumer engagement that brands can leverage," said Greg Stuart, chief executive officer, Mobile Marketing Association. "While it might be a smaller screen, mobile invites and involves consumers to live within the brand story and provides the ultimate stage for storytelling by bringing marketers closer to their consumers than ever before."

The new formats add to InMobi's traditional video formats like pre-roll video ads, videostitials, full-screen video interstitial ads and click-to-view banner ads. Learn more about the new video formats below:

- Interactive Canvas - Advertisers can improve ad engagement by overlaying interactive content, like call-to-action buttons, at any time during video play.

- Video SmartAds - Consumers can now receive contextually relevant ads based on data like location, weather and more.

- Video Continuum - Advertisers can identify and retarget consumers by playing ads from a preset video series. A similar frame, background or trigger is used across the series of ads, which helps keep the videos familiar and make it clear they are part of a sequence.

- Form Capture - Learn more about consumer preferences through customized questions or triggers that appear during the video ad, which can lead to more relevant retargeting.

"At InMobi, we strive to deliver great consumer experiences. We have in excess of one billion video ad impressions demonstrating the scale and reach of our offering," said Piyush Shah, vice president, products, InMobi. "Our video offerings span multiple video ad formats, award-winning creatives and deep analytics, all leveraging our big data capabilities targeted at delivering a theatre-like experience to consumers."