Local Ad Network Serves 1 Billion Impressions

Local Corporation, the online local media company behind the website Local.com, is reporting 1 billion ad impressions served by its display network from January to December 2011, a 300-percent increase.

In addition to serving impressions via Local.com, Local Corporation has also partnered with over 1,000 regional media sites and shows ads on its display network for third-party Web publishers.

Local Corporation display ads produce CPM revenue on banner ads served through the system.

Also part of the Local display network is RAMP, an automated, cloud-based, rich-media advertisement creation and publishing tool for browser and mobile environments using local product data. Using RAMP, advertisers and marketers can create, deliver and track custom rich-media ads over various environments with just one tag.

Local display advertising seems to be the future of online marketing, as BIA/Kelsey projects that it will account for about 30 percent of display ad spend (or $4.9 billion) by 2015.