Local Directory Teams with SonicSEO.com for Web Ad Solutions

Southern Colorado and New Mexico regional directory publisher Directory Plus just partnered with the Albuquerque-based SonicSEO.com. This new pairing is set to to provide "complete" Internet marketing services to Directory Plus' business advertisers.

SonicSEO.com will provide Directory Plus with the necessary tools to provide its local customers with Web design, SEO, social media marketing and other Internet marketing services, which gives clients not only a strong presence with targeted local consumers, but with targted online consumers, as well.

This move seems to foreshadow the future of Internet advertising as the "local" trend grows in popularity and locally targeted campaigns become ever more important to Web success.

"While local directories provide a great opportunity for businesses to reach out to the community, there is an increasing segment of the population that relies on the Internet for this information," says Directory Plus Director of Sales Ric Romero. "We believe that the combined force of local directory advertising and Internet marketing powered by SonicSEO.com is the strong solution businesses need to stay competitive in today's culture."