Make More Money Off Your Audio Content

Publishers are always looking for new ways to monetize their killer content on the Internet. Some types, like text-based or video content, have pretty simple solutions, but they aren't always applicable to every kind of publisher.

For instance, those involved in broadcast or audio publishing (e.g. podcasters) have one of the more difficult types of content to monetize; but at the same time, there is a huge market out there for what they offer. In an effort to capitalize on this and provide these publishers with a significantly improved return on investment (ROI), cloud-based streaming services provider StreamGuys has partnered with the AdsWizz digital advertising company to offer a mobile-friendly, multi-platform streaming solution that offers targeted rich media advertising.

The pairing combines AdsWizz's Digital Advertising Monetization Platform - which enables CDNs, ad networks and online video publishers to insert ads directly into an end-user's on-demand or live stream based on their interests - with the one-to-many streaming architecture of StreamGuys that lets publishers deliver content (and ads) in multiple formats aimed at a variety of targets; the architecture also eliminates the need for transcoding steps for multi-format streaming that tend to degrade audio and video quality.

Current customers are already leveraging AdsWizz's Pre-Roll Ad Insertion technology and delivering targeted advertisements to consumers, while using StreamGuys' streaming architecture to reach more online media players and mobile devices than ever before.

But that's not all. The partnership will also provide joint customers with a portfolio that will offer a variety of "ad-supported monetization tools," such as audio and video mid-roll ad insertion technology and companion display banners that can target different subsets of users based on defined criteria, including gender, demographic or active location.