Mobile Ad Revenues in Canada

The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada announced that mobile advertising revenues in Canada grew 93% above 2009 totals to $52 million in 2010. The 2011 forecast? $82 million.

Highlights from the IAB Canada study include:

- The Top 10 Earners in IAB Canada's Mobile Advertising Revenue Survey accounted for 82% of Total Net Revenues in 2010.
- Ad placement/spend grew at a rate of 105% YoY driven primarily by search and display
- Mobile applications experienced a 49% growth rate in 2010
- Consumer Packaged Goods represented over one-fifth (22%) of all reported Mobile Advertising Revenues, following by retail, telecom and automotive.

"Mobile has clearly benefited from Advertisers' desire NOT to miss the Mobile train the way they did in the early years of the Internet," says Steve Rosenblum, Director of Research, IAB Canada. "In fact, just as it is across the US, UK and Europe, the momentum behind Mobile in Canada is now propelling it into the advertising spotlight with an even greater rate of uptake than we saw during the early years of the Web."