Motivation-Based Ad Targeting for Video

Two innovative software companies are joining forces to offer marketers and advertisers the ability to deliver online video ads based on societal values, personal beliefs and product preferences.

Resonate's audience insights and analytics offering and the rich data provided by TubeMogul's video ad buying platform will be combined to help companies engage in "motivations-based targeting."

"Video is one of the most powerful ways for brands to engage people on an emotional level. Adding the ability to deliver that video based on what people believe in not only results in greater engagement, but also a true understanding of the motivation behind that engagement," said Andy Hunn, Resonate COO. "For the first time ever, the messaging and positioning in video creative can be used as a fully scalable targeting option."

And how does motivations-based targeting actually perform? Results from initial campaigns far exceeded benchmarks for completion rates according to TubeMogul. The best performance was for 15-second pre-roll ads with an average completion rate of 90% versus a benchmark of 77% where the data was not used. For 30-second pre-roll video ads, Resonate-powered campaigns registered a 76% average completion rate versus a 71% benchmark. In a recent video campaign for a major auto parts company the client achieved an 89% completion rate for its video ad, outperforming industry benchmarks by 21%. These results clearly indicate that with the right data and insights, video can be a highly effective advertising medium.

"Video advertising is the art - and, increasingly, science - of creating lasting connections with consumers, so having data on why they take action is incredibly important. Coupled with software-driven buying, marketers are in a great position to act on this information in a meaningful way," says Keith Eadie, VP of Marketing at TubeMogul.