OpenX Jumps into Content Ad System

OpenX Technologies, a company that develops digital (and mobile) advertising technology, recently announced the acquisition of JumpTime, which will allow OpenX to leverage JumpTime's content optimization platform in conjunction with its advertising technology to provide a unique content and advertising system to its customers.

If you're unfamiliar with JumpTime, it is another technology company that aims to help publishers calculate the financial value of their content assets in real-time, allowing them to use the service to optimize their revenue by increasing user engagement with their most valuable content, while also providing them with various tools to act upon this information. JumpTime features a number of notable media companies in its list of clients, including MTV, Nickelodeon, Yahoo! and Amazon.

The core of JumpTime's valuation technology is made up of various real-time algorithms that it uses to determine just how much content is worth. However, what really makes the product so useful is a number of tools that help customers put all of that information into action. This includes the Traffic Valuator application, which provides support tools for online editors that suggest the placement of headlines, photos and videos based on how well the content drives users to the site's "most valuable" areas. These tools have led to revenue increases of up to 90 percent for some JumpTime customers, and all without purchasing any additional advertising.

By integrating JumpTime's technology into its platform, OpenX can now (for the first time in the history of digital advertising, no less) ensure its publishing partners that they will receive the highest possible price for their advertising; plus, it will also show the page and videos views that drive the most engagement and highest value.