Partnership Offers Integrated Privacy and Verification Solution

Online media verification and compliance company DoubleVerify has paired up with Evidon to provide the 'Net advertising industry with its first ever integrated privacy control and ad verification solution.

Evidon, which powers the self-regulatory program for Digital Advertising Alliance's (DAA) online behavioral advertising (OBA), will plug right into DoubleVerify's measurement platform, becoming its exclusive provider of compliance services related to the self-regulation program for the U.S. and the EU ePrivacy Directive.

The pairing will also establish the first "One-Tag" integration streamlines agency and advertiser workflow, increasing the adoption of compliance with the U.S. self-regulatory program and ePrivacy Directive. DoubleVerify's global clients can utilize its integrated measurement platform to gain benefits from both the DoubleVerify measurement technology and Evidon's InForm in-ad notice platform, and it's offered as a fully integrated, single tag solution.

All of DoubleVerify's existing OBA compliance relationships will immediately transfer to Evidon.