PixelMags Offers HTML5 Compatibility to Advertisers

PixelMags, the content distribution software and publishing tools provider, has recently amped up its Ad Network, Ads by PixelMags, by introducing full HTML5 advertisements.

The company specializes in magazine application publishing and have established services for both publishers and advertisers. Ads by PixelMags is designed for the digital magazine industry.

Now, in conjunction with Starz and Anchor Bay Entertainment, PixelMags is allowing digital publishers to take advantage of their content delivery software (CDS) and HTML5 capabilities and third party companies are able to promote themsevles to PixelMags' readers. The new HTML5 pages are fully interactive and can do things like display videos and allow users to buy products without ever leaving the app.

The first advertisements displayed are for the Blu-Ray releases of the popular shows Spartacus and Camelot.

PixelMags makes it possible for advertisers to run adds in multiple magazines, rather than just one, which gives them the opportunity to reach as broad or specific of an audience as they want. The entirety of PixelMags' reader database, which includes over 200 different magazines, is now open to advertisers.

Among the new features introduced by Ads by PixelMags are enhanced ad placement opportunities, the ability to choose the ad page of an issue and allowing advertisers to control and edit their advertisements. There is also the option for advertisers to specifically target certain demographics, such as age, sex or device (iPhone or iPad).