QUICK HIT: Advertising's Future is Programmatic

According to Publicis Groupe Zenith's recently released Programmatic Marketing Forecast, just over two-thirds of all digital display advertising (67 percent) will be traded programmatically by 2019. 

Growing at an annual average rate of 21 perent per year currently, programmatic ad sales this year could reach nearly $58 billion.

Programmatic trading is most advanced in three English-speaking markets according to the report: Canada (81 percent), the U.S. (78 percent) and the UK (77 percent), followed by Denmark (70 percent) and France (63 percent).

In many ways, the United States is really driving the broader global growth, increasing its percentage of display that will be traded programmatically this year from 78 percent to 83.6 percent in 2019. 

The forecast also reveals that while China is a digital leader in many ways - particularly as it relates to mobile - the country's digital advertising market is a laggard when it comes to programmatic with just 29 percent of display ads traded programmatically compared to the world average of 59 percent.