QUICK HIT: Publishers Gain ML-driven Style Control Over Native AdSense Ads

Publishers using native in-feed ads from Google AdSense on their sites can now choose to have the company's machine learning capabilities control the creative look and feel of those sponsored units.

Native In-feed ads, for the unfamiliar, are those designed to have a similar or identical look and feel to the rest of the content in a (content) feed. They've proven to be effective for publishers and advertisers but Google is always looking for opportunities to make it even better

When creating an in-feed ad unit today, publishers will now be able to select the " Let Google suggest a style" option. They can then enter a URL with a feed on it and then select an element from the feed such as font, color, or style for the ad unit to match.

While this new machine learning-driven option is certainly going to be appealing for style conscious publishers, Google did note that the manual functionality is still available.