Rediscover Visitors With Remarketing Ads

Your best prospects may have already visited your online store but never purchased anything; what are you doing to encourage their return? 

Email marketing solution MailChimp is introducing Google remarketing/retargeting ads in an effort to help its clients turn users who have previously visited their website (but abandoned the digital experience) into actual paying customers.
After connecting their online store to MailChimp, clients can set up an advertising campaign that will remind visitors of the products they experienced (viewed or added to a cart) but never purchased, creating a clear path back to the site at a time when they are more ready to buy.
MailChimp provides integrations with many of the leading ecommerce systems including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop and BigCommerce ( as well as third-party integrations for other systems including Drupal, Ubercart, and x-Cart).

Once sellers connect their store, Mailchimp's system will automatically build the remarketing ads that feature a seller's bestselling products. All that sellers have to is create a headline, modify the content and that's it; sellers can also choose to exercise more control over the ads and select/suggest which products they want to include for the retargeting campaign.
"Retargeting takes advantage of all the work you've done to bring customers to your site the first time," says Tom Klein, MailChimp's Chief Marketing Officer. "That's why retargeting ads usually cost the least and earn the highest ROI. If you're not retargeting, you probably should be."
In addition to the recent availability of Google remarketing ads, Mailchimp users also have access to integrated Facebook and Instagram ads.