RSS Advertising: Before You Start

(At the end of the post is a "quick hack" to find the number of RSS Subscribers a feedburner-powered weblog has)

When it seems that every company on the Web and every individual within that company has a weblog, many readers may be interested in venturing into RSS advertising. Marketing within the feeds of others can certainly be a viable way to drive traffic, increase brand awareness and of course make some product sales, but the challenging part is finding out if the blog's feed you want to advertise within is worth the investment. Analyzing the quality of the content within those feeds is important, but so analyzing the quantity of subscribers to that feed.

Blog Perfume has an amazingly helpful tool to analyze Feedburner powered weblogs.

Blog  Perfume's Feed Analysis tool shows the numbers of subscribers for each month presented elegantly on a chart and even the number of subscribers, hits, views and clicks for every single day. There is also a best/worst day of the week pie chart which could be useful in determining when you need to blog more often. BlogPerfume also provide a the estimated value for a one-month banner advertisement and the estimated blog worth. Keep in mind that the data is only for the feed itself and does not indicate how much traffic a weblog minus the feed receives so valuations may be a bit off.

Quick Hack To Find RSS Feed Counts (Feedburner)

Don't want to do all the blog advertising analysis? If you come across a feed that you may be interested in advertising within and want to know how many subscribers they have it's actually incredibly easy to do by inserting "fc" before the feed name and after the feedburner URL - example below:

Feed URL:

Feed Count URL:"fc/Website-Magazine/