Set Up Bing Ads with Greater Ease

It may not (ever) have the reach of Google Adwords, but Bing Ads has been on a roll recently introducing updates and improvements and now it is doing the same for its campaign creation workflow.

The system, which essentially simplifies how campaigns set up and activated, now provides more options throughout the process that will help advertisers create more robust and effective campaigns. Users are asked upon entering the system, for example, what the goal is of their campaign (website visits, online conversions, phone calls, etc). Bing will now use that information to recommend different features or different defaults throughout the campaign creation process. But that's not all that Bing is offering up to digital advertisers.

Bing is also making it possible to copy campaign settings from an existing campaign, target specific locations using a radius target, access keyword recommendations, include other campaign features such as extensions, as well as review performance estimates based on the data that advertisers enter during the new campaign setup process.

It's not a ground breaking development by any means but it does show that Bing is serious about offering digital advertisers a comparative experience to Adwords in terms of functionality.