Social Feed Ads from Demand Media

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 28 Feb, 2012

Content and social media company Demand Media has introduced a suite of rich-media advertising units that incorporate its Social Feed ad management tools, which allow advertisers to integrate social media content directly into live rich-media ads.

"Our new social advertising products are designed to amplify and broadcast our advertisers' campaigns across a variety of social platforms," says Joanne Bradford, chief revenue and marketing officer at Demand Media. "We believe our new Social Feed ad units are the first to allow advertisers to enhance their video-enabled ads using customized content from their social media footprint."

Advertisers can add customized, real-time social feeds directly into the ad unit, which expands when a site visitor scrolls over it. Additionally, advertisers can update the ads, post updates directly into the live ad and the brand's Facebook page simultaneously or choose to feed content from Twitter into the ad unit. The ad units also provide consumers with access to the brand's Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube properties.

Demand Media's social advertising products are available in both IAB standard and custom rich-media units such as billboards, site skins and overlays that support advanced functionality such as video, audio, Flash and HTML5. Check out some examples here.