Startup Brings China Ad Programs to U"

From availability issues and slow load times, to non-indexed websites and stark social media differences, there are plenty of hurdles standing in the way of most U.S. businesses looking to make a splash in China. 


This is where Glogou Inc. (Global Goes to U) would like to help. This startup is founded on the idea of helping U.S. businesses run effective digital marketing in China. As part of its efforts, the company recently announced an English interface for Baidu advertising programs, as well as the impending launch of its WAVE service.


Let's take a look at the former, first. 


Baidu, the number one search engine in China, offers advertising programs similar to Google's Adsense and Adword. The problem for U.S. companies wanting to expand its presence to China, however, is that Baidu's advertising programs only have Chinese interfaces, which basically block U.S. businesses from advertising on Baidu. This makes it almost impossible for most U.S. businesses to access China's market through search engine marketing. Glogou's English interface for Baidu advertising programs, is intended to open the door for U.S. businesses to access China's market through effective search engine marketing. 


Secondly, Glogou's WAVE service (Web Accessibility and Visibility Evaluator) monitors the accessibility and visibility of a U.S. business in China.  


"As you know, at any time, more than 17 percent of U.S. websites are not accessible from China, which makes very difficult for those companies do business in China," wrote Glogou. "We provide services to make sure that those websites can be accessible and visible in China."


Whether your company is ready to think about China expansion or not, China's ecommerce market will surpass the United States with or without you. So, it is wise to not only keep tabs on what the big guys (read: Microsoft) are doing in the country, but to also stay in touch with how startups, like Glogou, are interpreting and responding to business needs.