Target Brand Advocates with AddThis

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 12 Jun, 2013

Popular engagement tool provider AddThis has launched a new service, dubbed Brand Advocates, to help brands better discover and engage with their loyal and active online audiences.

Since many customers interact with a brand on platforms and services outside of the brand's owned media channels, Brand Advocates helps marketers target audiences that are most likely to share and promote their branded content. AddThis finds these audience members across its presence on more than 14 million websites and 300 services. In addition, marketers can use Brand Advocates with AddThis for Ads in order to reach influencers in real-time through the right platform and ad unit.

"Test partners have seen 3X increases in ad conversions," said Peggy Fry, president, publisher and advertiser solutions at AddThis. "Brand Advocates and AddThis for Ads create a branding solution that allows advertisers to tap into AddThis' massive, Web-wide reach while remaining confident that they are reaching their most loyal and enthusiastic followers in the right place via the right platform and ad unit."

In fact, one in eight ads across the Web are now socially enabled according to comScore, which makes it even more important for brands to target audiences efficiently and correctly. By leveraging Brand Advocates and utilizing AddThis for Ads, brands are better positioned to not only deliver their advertisements to the right people, but also getting their advertisements shared.