The Ever-Changing World of Mobile Ads

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 22 Apr, 2015

Advertisers are constantly trying to create the most effective and engaging ads. Unfortunately, the ideas that seem like a home run don't always pan out, making testing a necessary step in the ad creation process.


Vungle, a provider of infrastructure for app monetization through video ads, has announced the launch of Vungle Creative Labs, a team of artists, filmmakers, designers and interactive specialists brought together to create high-impact mobile video ad experiences.


Through the use of testing and optimization tools that are supported by machine learning, Vungle Creative Labs aims to create high-quality mobile ads and deliver actionable performance metrics to users. Also, as part of Vungle's optimization suite, the team can leverage A/B testing to optimize placements and ensure the most consumer engagement.


"The world of mobile ads is evolving and Vungle is leading this change," says Zain Jaffer, Vungle's co-founder and CEO. "Vungle Creative Labs showcases our in-depth understanding of what constitutes an excellent mobile ad experience that is contextually relevant, engaging and interactive for an optimal user experience. The team demonstrates sophisticated performance metrics and an unparalleled level of ROI for our clients."