Auto Campaigns the Next Evolution for Trumpia

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 29 Aug, 2014

Multi-channel marketing automation software provider Trumpia has unveiled a new feature that enables users to set their mobile and email campaigns on autopilot.

The feature, called Auto Campaigns, enables users to set rule-based conditions that automatically initiate workflow when triggered. The feature works for both mobile (SMS and mobile app) and email campaigns and can be leveraged for a variety of marketing initiatives. For example, a retailer could leverage Auto Campaigns to automatically remind customers of coupons they haven't used that are about to expire. Conversely, coffee shops could use Auto Campaigns to automatically send alerts to loyalty program customers when they reach a certain amount of points. Moreover, the feature can be leveraged to automatically send a personalized birthday wish or coupon to consumers or even to automate internal communication within organizations.

"With technology this sophisticated, the possibilities are nearly endless," said Trumpia's CEO, Ken Rhie. "Trumpia is continuously innovating to bring the most advanced messaging and marketing software to our customers, and Auto Campaigns is the next evolution of this."