Improve Your Ad's Relevancy with Spectrum for Mobile

Marketers looking to improve the targeting capabilities of their mobile advertising campaigns, look no further! Twelvefold Media (the company-formerly-known-as-BuzzLogic) wants to help you do just that with its new Spectrum for Mobile product.

Spectrum for Mobile differentiates itself from other mobile ad solutions by finding a precise, targeted audience seeking very specific content, as opposed to more traditional mobile ad solutions that target audiences based on broad categories like "lifestyle" or "finance." The platform is able to do this because it ranks relevant content down to the page level, meaning each individual page of content is ranked.

Twelvefold created Spectrum for Mobile, based on its pre-existing Spectrum advertising technology platform, in an effort to expand and take advantage of the quickly growing and increasingly popular mobile Web, and the company believes that its highly targeted ads will be persuasive to users and improve engagement numbers for advertisers.

The product's ads work across Android and iOS systems, are formatted by device and will be matched to the most relevant content available to reach targeted consumers, in addition to being served in a variety of formats based on the mobile browser being used.