and Offer Future-Proof Video Transcoding

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 24 Jan, 2012 has announced that it has integrated into its video encoding workflow, which will further simplify the process of enabling video playback on all devices and browsers.

The company also announced its Future-Proof Video program, which offers automatic preparation of videos for new formats and devices as they enter into the market, this will provide a set of features for powering universal video into the future.

"Customer response to the universal video URL has been overwhelmingly positive," says Jeff Malkin, president of "Our customers asked for capability within the API and we've delivered. The addition of the preset to the workflow makes it super simple for customers to focus on content and leave the challenges of universal delivery - now and in the future - to the team." is integrated into the Encoding platform through a preset within the Web, Watch Folder and API interfaces. Selecting the preset will automatically transcode the source video into 24 different formats. Then, the customer can share the short URL and/or publish the embed code. When an end user clicks on the video, detects the appropriate device or browser to deliver the correct video format for the best quality of viewing.