Watch Me! Personalized Video Ads Arrive

Many brands struggle with video advertising but the potential is so great that it is becoming almost impossible to ignore.

According to BI Intelligence, online video ads generate three times more clicks than any other digital ad format, including mobile, display and rich media ads. As a result, perhaps unsurprisingly, the domestic market for digital video advertising is projected to grow nearly 22 percent on average - faster than any other digital ad format - by 2020. In order to do that, however, advertisers are demanding greater control when it comes to personalization and that's exactly what they're getting of late.

Digital advertising and marketing platform Jivox, for example, has introduced a new set of capabilities that will enable marketers to build and deliver the video ad campaigns down to the individual/personal level.

Users of the new system have the ability to dynamically generate hundreds of thousands of potential variations, which will eliminate the need for manual custom coating production methods. It will be appealing to enterprise-level marketers.

Personalized digital advertising - which dynamically adjusts branding, product messaging, imagery, pricing and many other ad elements according to the individual viewing the ad - is fast becoming the standard for the world's most advanced brands conducting digital display advertising. Compared to the rich personalization that can be achieved with digital display ad campaigns, however, dynamic video advertising has been limited primarily to customized content superimposed onto static video files.