Competitive Intelligence for Display Advertisers

Discover Where Competitors Display Ads are Running and Why!

Would knowing where competitors are buying advertising be useful to your own brand's awareness and performance marketing initiatives? Of course it would, and there are plenty of resources available to let you know where ads are running and, more importantly, what they are running and why they are running where they are!

There are numerous solutions on the market for advertisers to find out how their competition is faring in the realm of search engine optimization and text-based pay-per-click advertising, providing information about which keywords competitors are ranking for, which ads they are using, and even where they place on the search results pages (position). Again, there are plenty of solutions to help enterprise marketers understand the competitive landscape, expose coverage gaps and identify potential opportunities from an SEO and PPC perspective, but display advertising is another area where researching competitors is useful - particularly as remarketing increases in popularity.

So what solutions are available to those advertisers that want to know where their competitors display ads are running (and why)?

Let's take a very quick look at few most popular and well-respected offers today in WhatRunsWhere, Adbeat, and MixRank:

WhatRunsWhere: Arguably the leader in competitive intelligence for display advertisers, WhatRunsWhere covers nearly 100 display ad networks and even has a mobile research component.

AdBeat: Another enterprise-level solution, Adbeat shows any advertiser's most successful publishers, networks and ad types, helping strategists uncover new traffic sources and placement opportunities that are working for others.

MixRank: Perhaps the most well-rounded competitive intelligence tools of those listed here, MixRank offers users the ability to build lead lists, target leads, and understand a whole lot more about how advertisers are attracting customers.

Below is a sample report for showing the display ads currently being run by the advertiser.