Where Mobile Programmatic Ad Fraud is the Worst

Ken Meloni
by Ken Meloni 16 Jan, 2023

Mobile ad tech provider AppLift has released a study revealing international fraud distribution data as related to mobile programmatic.

In what will likely come as a surprise to few, the countries with the most amount of impression fraud on RTB include India (31.29 percent), Indonesia (21.23 percent) and Singapore (18.18 percent). Countries with the least amount of impression fraud including Hong Kong (4.13 percent), South Korea (5.48 percent) and Germany (6.23 percent).

AppLift also found that the entertainment, news and education categories had the most fraudulent activity, while parenting, shopping and travel had the least.

"The cost of advertising plays a significant role in mobile marketers' budgets," said CEO and Co-founder of AppLift, Tim Koschella. "The rise in fraudulent activity not only undermines the integrity of the advertising industry, but is extremely costly for advertisers. AppLift's sophisticated pattern-detection technology helps marketers to better understand, detect and fight fraud at every level, and therefore, salvage a significant portion of their ad spend."