AdWords Performance Grader from WordStream

Search marketing software and services provider WordStream has launched a new, free program called AdWords Performance Grader, which is designed to help marketers evaluate the performance of their AdWords campaigns based on an array of different criteria. This will help these online businesses and advertisers decipher just where and how they need to make improvements in their AdWords campaigns.


Among the many features of AdWords Performance Grader are discovering an effective use of negative keywords to control spend, determining a Quality Score for text ads and the keywords targeted, checking clickthrough rates and impression share for ads, providing long-tail keyword, text ad and landing page optimization, and providing PPC best practices information.


The program will also give marketers benchmark data to let them know how their campaigns perform when compared with other companies that have similar advertising budgets.



"At WordStream, we have worked with thousands of small and medium-sized businesses to build out keywords for their AdWords campaigns. We've witnessed how many hands-on marketers have not yet mastered fundamental best practices of PPC ad campaigns," says Larry Kim, WordStream founder and chief technology officer. "We built this free tool to provide advertisers with an easy way to digest snapshots of how their ad campaigns are performing and to tutor them on how to make changes that will boost their performance and save money."


Visit WordStream for more information on the new AdWords Performance Grader.