Yahoo Ad Units Place Sponsored Content in Redesigned News Stream

Earlier this week, Web media and technology company Yahoo announced that it was launching two brand new in-stream ad unit formats: one for desktops and mobile devices, and another standard billboard-type ad.

In a move that is similar to the Sponsored Stories ads that Facebook rolled out a while ago, Yahoo's new "Stream Ads" are native ad types that will feature sponsored posts appearing in the content stream on the freshly redesigned Yahoo homepage; the ads will also show up in as news summaries in the updated Yahoo mobile application.

Of course, it's not all about Yahoo finding a way to line its pockets (just mostly). The company also has its users, and their interests, in mind.

"The more our users spend time with Yahoo, the more relevant and personalized the content and advertising become," said Yahoo's CEO, Marissa Mayer. "Stream Ads are the sponsored twin to our newsfeed articles and are every bit as personalized and engaging."

Stream Ads will appear in the news feed and closely resemble the other articles, including having a headline, synopsis and thumbnail image. The only differences will be a slight shading, a "Sponsored" label at the bottom and an AdChoice icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Currently, these Stream Ads only include text and an image, and Yahoo hasn't provided any pricing details yet.

The company also hasn't offered pricing information on the new, more traditional billboard-style ads that are at the top of the Yahoo homepage, which Mayer said could be used by advertisers to display more rich and interactive content.