Yahoo and Adobe to Offer Online Ads in PDFs

Yahoo and Adobe have partnered to offer dynamic, online ads in PDF documents, currently in beta testing. The new ads will be a step beyond static ads that currently are embedded in PDF files. Using Yahoo's network, publishers will be able to submit their PDF files to Yahoo, who will then display contextually relevant ads next to the content and send the file back to the publisher. When a user opens a PDF online, the ads will appear and be clickable, leading the user to the advertiser's website. If the user is offline or prints the PDF, the ads will be stripped. Given the widespread popularity of PDFs with publishers for their clean and attractive looks, along with the massive popularity of the files among users, this could be a big step for Yahoo to gain some ground on Google. Currently there was no word on whether the program will include other ad providers outside of Yahoo. Advertisers will clearly benefit from the exposure of a previously untapped dynamic ad market, while users will undoubtedly start to enjoy the benefits of previously paid content that will now be free because of the ad revenue.

There are some options for advertisers to control the ads being displayed - a major consideration as publishers open up premium content and relenquish some control of their brand to advertisers - publishers can block ads from up to 200 URLs.

The ads will begin as text-only pay-per-click ads but there are plans to include graphical and rich media ad formats in the future. To learn more and be considered for inclusion in the program, publishers can sign up here.