Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Roundup

The 2009 Affiliate Summit AffStat Report is out and the results might surprise you. Let's look closely at topics and trends important to both affiliate marketers and merchants now.

- Split nearly down the middle, 51% of affiliates maintained an opt-in e-mail list for their site.
- 55% of respondents promoted affiliate links in PPC search engines.
- Terms and conditions of affiliate programs are important with 84% responding they sometime or always read the affiliate agreement.
- Regarding the preference towards programs on networks versus independent programs, just 12% preferred independent while 55% preferred network and 33% had no preference at all.
- The number of affiliate programs varies wildly. While only 3% promoted one program, 56% promoted between 2 and 20 programs, with 30% promoting 51 or more.
- 55% of Affiliate believe less than 30-day cookies are fair (only 1% were in the 181-365 day cookie group).
- In regards to payment policies, 55% said how often the program pays affected their decision to promote an affiliate offer.

There is quite a bit of valuable information in the rest of the report. Additional statistics include the use of adware and/or toolbars, commission rate increase negotiations, the number of domains owned by affiliates, relationships with affiliate managers, payment thresholds and EPCs. Consider it a must read for those serious about affiliate marketing.