Elance Affiliate Program

Maureen Alley
by Maureen Alley 07 Apr, 2009

Elance launched an affiliate program for current members who get new members to sign up and participate in the site. The value-add for Elance is that it receives more companies to post job listings and hire Elance members. And it's a plus for Elance members because they get connected with more hiring companies. It's free to become an affiliate and commission ranges depending on the action by new members.

Affiliates receive:
* $8 when a new member posts their first job opening
* 1 percent during the first six months new members make or receive payments through Elance
* $3 when new members post their first featured job
* $15 when new members post their first business-to-business job opening
* $15 when new members subscribe to the paid membership.

Elance provides links, widgets and banners to help affiliates recruit new members. All sites are encouraged to participate in the new affiliate program, but Elance says they are more focused on creating relationships with affiliates who are more involved in business-to-business networks. And judging by the payout scale, businesses with wide networks of job providers and seekers have the most to gain.