Graffly - The Groupon of Affiliate Offers

Here's one of the most fascinating approaches to affiliate marketing I've seen in a long time - a twist on the current daily deals trend... for affiliate marketers.

Graffly, a service provided by the 2Performant affiliate network, is a "short-term" affiliate network. Similar to Groupon, which provides time-limited coupon offers, Graffly partners with one merchant every month willing to offer increased commissions that they pay to publishers in exchange for promotion on the Graffly network. These are CPA ads (cost-per-action).

Gourmet dessert retailer Davids Cookies is Graffly's November merchant. For the month of November, Davids Cookies will pay a 25% premium on their standard affiliate commission (7.5% vs 6%) to all publishers that promote their website using Graffly affiliate links. Graffly will be partnering with Uncommon Goods as their next merchant. For the month of December, will be doubling their normal commission (10% to 20%) for all Graffly affiliates. Graffly is currently planning their 2011 promotion calendar.

Expect more affiliate networks to roll out similar products in the future - it's simply too great of an idea to pass up.