Hydra Fires 15,000 Affiliates

Performance based advertising platform Hydra just gave the boot to 15,000 affiliate marketers and publishers.

The company decreased its base of active publishers from 17,000 to less than 2,000 of its best performing partners in a bid to increase quality.

"While performance-based CPA advertising networks have always paid lip service to quality concerns, they generally have been rather permissive in admitting publishers in order to pump up distribution. But the reality is that it's impossible to maintain quality control monitoring on tens of thousands of active publishers. We've made the strategic decision to only rely on publishers with proven capability to deliver high volumes of high quality results for our advertisers. Enabling us to offer far greater compliance and quality control than has traditionally been the case in CPA advertising, with this move we hope to win over more of the mass marketers and their agencies who are attracted by the no-risk performance pricing model, but who have been hesitant due to quality concerns," stated Zac Brandenberg, CEO of Hydra.

Don't expect the affected affiliates to raise much of a ruckus about being booted. With hundreds of advertising networks available, they are sure to find a home somewhere.