Meta-Search Engine For Affiliate Offers

One of the many challenges for affiliate marketers is finding the right offer (on the right network) without spending hours doing so. You might be thinking to yourself, "There has to be a better way than scouring multiple networks, right?" Well, there is now.


Atma Links has released an affiliate marketing meta-search engine that streamlines the time intensive process of manually affiliating links. The service works by aggregating products (much like a meta-search engine) across all of the major affiliate networks to deliver a single destination for affiliate marketers.  Publishers can not only discover new products but, with one click (free registration require), receive new affiliate links to those items.  


"Clearly, there are a number of product search engines on the market.  However, we wanted to build the first open search engine designed specifically for affiliate marketers.  We expect that this Alpha version will significantly expedite the process of manually affiliating links.  Going forward, we are planning to add more features to the discovery piece of our search engine, equipping affiliates with deeper product metrics and insights."