Shutterstock Affiliate Program Earns High Praise

Affiliate programs abound, but sometimes a good one is hard to find. That's not the case with Shutterstock, the online stock photo agency. Their program is getting rave reviews from bloggers, photographers and videographers. The program pays in two ways:

  1. When an affiliate refers a user to Shutterstock, they earn up to 20 percent of each purchase, including subscriptions.
  2. Affiliates (or bloggers) can earn by referring submitters to Shutterstock. So, if a photographer is referred, the affiliate earns three cents for every user download of that photographer's images.

"Shutterstock's affiliate program is the best in the microstock industry and one of the best anywhere," said Matt Antonino, author of NiltoMil, a popular online stock photography blog. "New photographers sign up directly from my blog, and Shutterstock takes care of everything else all the way through paying me. I often make more on the affiliate program than I do on sales at other sites."

Shutterstock is the largest subscription-based stock photo agency in the world, boasting more than seven million royalty-free photos by subscription. Learn more about the Shutterstock affiliate program.