Stay Informed About Affiliate Traffic Trends

It's always nice to have an educated assumption about how well one's investments are performing. This is why so many people take the time to follow the stock market and keep a keen eye on their money and how well (or not) their ventures are doing.

In the Web world, the same case can be made for affiliate marketing, and affiliate tracking and affiliate program software provider LinkTrust is addressing that very topic in the latest round of features released as a part of its Summer of Love updates.

Users will be able to access an affiliate trends report, allowing them to effortlessly determine which of their affiliate partners are seeing their traffic numbers grow and which of them are declining. These figures are determined using a proprietary algorithm and will forecast a LinkTrust customer's affiliate trends for the current day, and informing them if they "should be concerned" about certain traffic levels.

Customers can now get mobile and email alerts that provide information about campaign requests, new task and task completed notifications, and tax document updates. Plus, the task manager has been updated to allow them to mass assign tasks, so that they can assign the same task to multiple users at once, and then monitor their progress as they all go about completing it.

Of, course, there is much more. LinkTrust is also releasing the User Agent Black & Grey list to help continue battling against fraud. This will let its customers block spider searches and screen scraper bots before they begin to affect their site statistics.

In addition, it's offering a new custom sign up form that lets its customers automatically approve affiliate applications that let loyalty sites transform their users into affiliates, and then provide them with tracking links. This is meant to help loyalty, membership, and daily deals sites all maximize the potential of their suite of affiliate management features.

The third Summer of Love update also comes with an account traffic graph, an update of the external transaction modification API, the ability to search all of one's affiliate partners by campaigns associated with a specific merchant, and other enhancements regarding user information, including merchant performance, merchant channels, new user rights, and response data.