Super Affiliates Sell What People Need

One of the secrets of successful selling is to offer what people really need (or at least think they need).

With security threats rearing their ugly virtual heads with increasingly frequency, you might want to consider referring users to some quality anti-spyware/malware tools like those provided by Spy Sweeper from Web Root, CounterSpy, STOPzilla, or Lavasoft (my personal favorite). Now if you've got your money-making hat on (as I hope you always do), you'll astutely figure out that you can profit from making these referrals.

Lavasoft has announced the launch of a new program for affiliates to earn commissions. The program is powered by Cleverbridge (, an affiliate tracking and management technology. Affiliates that recommend Lavasoft's line of security products earn 20% of the revenues generated. Resellers can receive commission rates based on sales volume, and have the opportunity to earn as much as a 50% revenue commission.

"Lavasoft has been the leader in the worldwide fight against malware for a decade, protecting people against identity theft, online fraud and other online threats with their excellent lineup of products," said's Vice President, Erick Vincent.


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