Recurring Payments Added to TXT180 Affiliate Program

SMS messaging service provider TXT180 has revamped and enhanced its affiliate marketing program, a big part of which will give affiliates the opportunity to earn a recurring commission on every referral.

This new payment method is a complete 180 (pun intended) from the program's old affiliate compensation arrangement, which was to offer a one-time payment of 50 percent of the initial sign-up price. Not surprisingly, many affiliate partners weren't down with this system, and after running the program for over a year and taking partner feedback into account, the company decided to switch to a recurring payment structure and will now pay a 20 percent recurring commission for each account referred to TXT180 by the affiliate. This means that after just three payment cycles, the affiliate will have made more money than under the original TXT180 payment system altogether.

Of course, these recurring payments only continue for as long as the referred customer sustains his or her active group text message account with TXT180. The good news for affiliates is that it doesn't matter what kind of SMS messaging plan the customer signs up for, be it just a monthly package or a yearly plan, because the same 20 percent commission will be paid on every new plan sign-up and renewal.

To be a TXT180 affiliate, publishers can simply sign up here and get started in minutes.