Travelocity Partner Network Launches White Label Mobile Platform

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 04 Mar, 2012

The Travelocity Partner Network (TPN) has launched a white-label mobile platform for its members and affiliates.

The TPN mobile platform is designed to automatically detect mobile devices in order to serve up a mobile interface to consumers using smartphones that are compatible with HTML5, such as iPhone and Android devices. And, the CSS4 architecture that supports the interface allows affiliates to provide a consistent brand experience across all devices - from the desktop screen to the mobile screen.

Partners of the network can use brand imagery to brand the mobile display, or use the powered by Travelocity logo to emphasize the co-branding relationship. The mobile display can be configured in the TPN's Partner Support Center, and more advanced online travel partners and affiliates can configure the mobile platform to work within any native app.

"Our affiliates want the ability to offer a consistent user experience across web and mobile devices," says Yannis Karmis, President of Travelocity Business and Travelocity Partner Network. "TPN's new mobile offering enables consumers the immediate convenience of booking a hotel via mobile device at any moment of the day, and the mobile interface detail is designed to accommodate the ease of use for fingertip-sized button selection and delivers quick auto-complete functionality when entering destinations."