Video Advertising Affiliate Program

Video advertising service Jivox announced an online video advertising affiliate program. I've seen thousands of affiliate programs for publishers interested in reselling advertising, but this may be the first I've seen for video advertising.

The program provides three tiers of participation for online publishers and marketing agencies. Publisher partners will receive a co-branded version of the Jivox video ad service to market the services to their advertisers, agency partners will receive a "master" account to offer the same services to their clients and referral partners (much like a traditional affiliate program) will refer advertisers directly to the Jivox site.

"The Jivox affiliate program allows all our partners to participate in the fast-growing online video advertising category by providing three levels of integration into our online video platform," said Jim Gustke, vice president of marketing and product management at Jivox. "The Jivox online video service is a modular platform that includes ad creation, online hosting and targeting, and access to the online publisher network, which allows our partners to offer all or some of its components. No matter how our partners choose to integrate, by signing up as a Jivox online affiliate, they can give their customers access to highly effective, locally targeted video advertising."