Video Advertising & Affiliate Network AffiliatePly

Recent research from Doubleclick confirmed that rich media ad formats that contain video "overwhelmingly" outperform other types of creative media ad and converts better than banners in terms of click through rate (CTR) and engagement. That's almost enough to make you break out the video camera - am I right?

PLYmedia, a company providing contextual overlays on top of online video has launched AffiliatePLY, a performance based affiliate network that uses video instead of banners. The platform is unique in that it is a CPA (cost per action - leads and sales, not impressions) network.

The action based video affiliate network provides publishers and advertisers with what is perhaps the first legitimate opportunity to converge viewer interest with profitable content. According to statistics from Forrester, online video ads greatly increase click through rates as users are attracted to more interactive content. Advertisers, empowered by video's influence, upload their video ads to the network, attracting online publishers searching for new content and media of interest to embed their videos onto their website.

AffiliatePLY further enables advertisers to fully optimize the video screen by adding layers of engaging information such as URL links to the landing page and interactive content, leading to profitable viewer activity. PLYmedia's overlaying technologies stimulate user interaction and increase CTR (click-through rates) with viral videos, news feeds, and tutorials used as promotional information.

"AffiliatePLY's model will trigger overwhelming revenues, confirming recent research revealing online video to be the most effective platform to attract audiences. PLYmedia's understanding of the inner workings of online video and user behavior has served as the catalyst that led us to explore and to create this novel network," explains Avishay Raviv, AffiliatePLY Manager.