Achieve Mobile Success with Yottaa

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 16 May, 2012

The mobile Internet user population is scheduled to overtake the general Internet population by 2014, which means that it is now more imperative than ever to create and maintain a mobile-optimized website.


One option for Web workers looking to get into the mobile game is the Mobile Acceleration solution that was recently launched from website optimization provider Yottaa. The solution enables companies to deliver a user experience that focuses on fast mobile access. It's designed to help companies prepare their sites for the growing segment of visitors that come from hand-held devices, which is especially important because of the increasing number of on-the-go consumers. 


The Yottaa Solution for Mobile Acceleration combines front-end optimization with a global content delivery network in order to provide users with better mobile website performance. The solution helps reduce the number of website requests, reduces payload and optimizes client-side processing.

Additionally, according to the company, Yotta-powered mobile sites on average are between 2 to 10 times faster, require between 30 to 80 percent fewer round trips and 40 to 90 percent less bandwidth.

Mobile social gaming platform MocoSpace has already implemented the solution into their business plan so that they can provide a better user experience for the website's mobile apps and HTML5 games. And according to MocoSpace co-founder Jamie Hall, the solution has not only improved user experience, but also increased conversions on the website.


"Experience matters. At MocoSpace, we are proud of the fast, reliable and seamless user experience we deliver to our user community," says Hall. "Implementing the Yottaa Solution for Mobile Acceleration has allowed us to dramatically cut down the number of round trips, reduce payload and leverage client side processing, resulting in improved user experience and business metrics such as engagements and conversions."