Amazitter iPhone App: Affiliate Earnings on the Go

Amazon Associates is a top affilate program. Twitter is a bona fide marketing tool. Put them together and you have Amazitter, a new iPhone app that lets you post Amazon affiliate links right through your iPhone to generate sales.

It's pretty simple - buy the app for $.99, enter your Twitter ID and password and your Associates ID and you're ready to go. Click the "az" icon on the bottom left of the app and start searching Amazon for products. Once you find one you like, click on the listing then click the "t" icon at the bottom of your iPhone screen. You will see a product description along with a link. You can add to the description if you want, then hit "Post" on the top right of your screen. It's then posted to your Twitter account. The link contains your Associates ID, so once clicked, any item purchased is credited to your Associates account.

According to Amazitter, the Twitter ID and Amazon ID are stored locally on your device - they do not have access to that information. Also, the Twitter info is sent securely through the Twitter API.

As far as analytics, you can access the data through your own account by searching your Twitter username. Amazitter also plans to include account support in the near future so you can login directly through your Amazitter app to track performance. And through your Amazon Associates account you can track any sales through the Orders Report.

In our test, we found a product, changed the description and posted to Twitter in under 2 minutes - not a bad way to generate some revenue and update your Twitter account on the fly.