Get Your Personal iPhone App

InfoMedia is offering a way to create your own iPhone app, without any programming knowledge whatsoever. As of yet, there are no pricing plans available, only an application to fill out.

When it does become available, it will include a home page with your photo and a telephone number for people to reach your "call center." You can also import personal feeds, blog posts and Twitter updates. There's a news section (your feeds and updates), a calendar (your scheduled events can be linked), and media tab (audio and video links). Most of it works by launching a browser. So users who click on your calendar listing will be taken to the linked Web page. If a user clicks on one of your videos, it will play from YouTube. And although it works through links, the browser is launched inside the app, so whenever the browser is closed, the user returns to the home app screen.

It sounds great. Apps are hot and it's a great way to get some exposure. Without pricing details, it's hard to assess entirely. An interesting note: the application asks Profession/Occupation (celebrity, band, speaker/author, athlete, corporation, politician, educator), and there is a Potential Audience/Followers drop-down, with the minimum choice of 10,000-50,000. So, it appears they are looking for influencers, not necessarily any Joe Website Owner. Still, it's a fast application process, so probably worth your time. Head to for a demo video.